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Q: Is there any games like gears of war?
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Games like gears of war on the internet?

yes u can play gears of war on the internet

Is there any games like halo game?

Gears of War is kind of similar. Guns, aliens, apocaliptic future ect.

Are gears of war games 1st person shooter games?

no, gears of war is a 3rd person shooter

What is gears of war like?

gears of war is the best but gears of war 2 is better

How many acts are in gears of war 3?

Probably 5 Like in Both Games

When does Gears of War come out?

gears of war 1 is already out the same with gears of war 2. you can buy them from eb games or any gaming store but gears of war 3 isn't coming out till April 2011 but it might be postponed till November 2011. only on xbox 360.

Who created Gears of war?

Cliff Bleszinski and other people from Epic Games created the Gears of War series.

Good offline 2 player shooter games?

Gears of war, Gears of war 2, Call of Duty World at war.

Which is the best 360 game?

It all depends on what you like. If you like realistic games, Call of Duty games are the best. If you like alien games then Halo games are for you. If you like extremely bloody games, then Gears of War is the best.

What is more important volleyball or Gears of War?

depends on what you like i say gears of war

Are there any cheats for Gears of War 2?

i believe not No there isn't there aren't any cheats for Xbox 360 games because it all has something to do with the world (other people) like with you gamer-score.

Who are the makers of gears of war?

Epic (TM) Games.