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A very famous game better than that is SANCTIONED RENEGADES where you don't have to download it unless you want to AND it has better guns. There is ALSO a leveling up system and you level up to get your guns which means you're playing for a reason. AND THEN there are checkpoints to capture and you get bombs or RPG's or FIRE RPG's by capturing them. It has a practice mode where only kills count, and a ranked mode where kills and checkpoints count. And the graphics are as good as Call of Duty. There is also chat AND team chat.

YET there is a game for people who want more variety and not just shooting. If you want more maps and game modes, I would download Ace of Spades, which looks like minecraft. In Ace of Spades there are shovels which mean you can dig to the center of the Earth and be underneath the enemy. There are also different colored blocks which mean you can build a tower underneath yourself and be on top of the enemy.

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Q: Are there any games like assault cube?
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