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There a few different ones, but the best ones I've seen are: My horse club, you ride around on a horse, the graphics are great Wolfquest is a one for wolves, you choose your wolf and complete the quest of roleplay in multiplayer Wolfhome is more of a graphical chat, but it's beta, catspawisland is all about cats lions and tigers. Hope this helped ^^

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Q: Are there any games like Impressive title?
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Is there any games like arokai?

Feral Heart, Impressive World and Impressive Title servers, Spor :)

Is there any cheats for Impressive title?

Thanks to people like you, Impressive Title's servers are down. I hope you never play impressive title again

Any games besides wolfquest wolf lion and endlessforest Where you can be a animal like a cat?

try the game impressive title its a lion game but you can to make you like a cat

Is there any more games like feralheart?

there is impressive title,endless forest,wolf quest and arokai thats all i know for know sorry :)

Are there any fun online animal simulaion games where you are the animal?

Wolf Quest , Endless Forest, Impressive Title, Feral Heart, Fly Like a Bird, IPredator by Kuma Games

Any games like impressive title?

there a lot of cool games, the ones i know are wolf quest, feral heart impressive world and endless forest, I've been told about fly like a bird 1 2 and 3 but never really tried it, hope you found this helpful

Are there any animal simulation games you can play online?

Wolfquest, maybe The Endless Forest Theres Impressive Title too, its a lion rp game and fly like a bird

Are there any 3d animal games like WolfQuest?

There is a game called Impressive Title in which you can be a lion. This game is 3d, just like wolfquest. I haven't tried Impressive Title yet, but it has been recommended by a lot of people. Also try Endless forest in which you are a deer in a 3d world (with a weird human face). Fly Like a Bird is a less expansive 3d single or multiplayer game that is browser based. Hopefully there will be some more 3d animal games in the future! Impressive title is closed so you can try's based off of Impressive Title and it's online. You can be a wolf or lion (which belongs to KOVU). Try it out! Hope I helped.

Is there any good cat mmorpg's?

Yes, there is Impressive Title, were you can make yourself look like a cat.

Are there any good anime mmos?

WolfQuest and Impressive Title

Are there any RPG like impressive title or wolfquest?

there is feral heart and Arokai also Ipredidor :) hope this answers your question good luck and have fun!

Are there any simulation games about animals except wolfquest?

Ok, heres a list of 3d games that might work: Impressive Title Fly Like a Bird 3 Endless Forest And 2d games: Webearth Online Plus theres an endless amount of primarily text based animal sims and other stuff like that.