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This may take a while, but its faster than randomely getting points from searching...

A way to get reward points faster, is go into your element search+win account and change your birth date to tomorrow, you will receive 50 points tomorrow in your email, repeat until you have as many points as desired!

Plus you could type in elementstyle and I got 10 points. My friend also typed it in and got 10 points

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Q: Are there any element search plus win cheat codes?
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What to search for to win fifty points on element plus win?

Sadly, you cannot search like that to get such points on the Element Search + Win search engine. What you could do though, is use the Element Search + Win Points Editor. No, it isn't a useless 'modded' link, so go check it out. Sadly I do not know an official website for the downloading of this, but I have checked on Google and there are many websites still offering the download link. All you have to do to use this is go onto your website, open the downloaded application and edit how many points you want! Easy points in no time. Check YouTube videos out if you still aren't sure, all you need to type in is; 'Element Search Plus Win Points Editor', lots of videos come up!

What to search for to win fifty points on element search plus win?

to win fifty points you must make an account. Other than that there is no other way. Dont forget about having a birthday

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