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(m) for Fire Red
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Birth Island
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Navel Rock

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Q: Are there any cheats to get to Birth Island or Navel Rock in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where is Deyoxes on Pokemon FireRed?

On Birth Island

Where is Deoyxs in Pokemon FireRed?

its on birth island

What island is deoxys in Pokemon FireRed?

you can get deoxys at birth island

Any cheats to warp birth island or navel rock and it's master code for Pokemon firered?

no just a few ultra balls

What is the code for birth island in Pokemon diamond?

You can't go to the island unless you have the aurora ticket which is now impossible to get without cheats, with that show the sailor who takes you on the ships he will take you to Birth Island.

Where to find deoxy's on Pokemon FireRed?

You must get a ticket from a Nintendo Event to go to Birth Island.

Where to get deoxys?

Pokemon Emerald: Birth Island Pokemon Sapphire: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald. Pokemon Ruby: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald.

How do you get to birth island in Pokemon Ruby?

you don't only in Pokemon emerald firered and leaf green

How do you get doexys in Pokemon FireRed?

Get an Action Replay and get the Aurora Ticket and go to Birth Island.

Where do you get Deoxys in pokemon soulsilver?

you need to migrate from emerald or firered/leafgreen where you can get him from birth island

Can you get to birth island in Pokemon emerald?

yes, you either get there by mystery gift or cheats

How do you catch deoxy in firered pokemon?

Birth Island, but you will have needed to get the Pass to get there first which is an expired event.