Are there any cheats for mgs4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes there are in shadow moses in the lab in otacons computer you need to put in a pass word put 14893 for 100 000 dp no

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Q: Are there any cheats for mgs4?
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How do you unlock drebins mask in mgs4?

get 60 weapons or use a cheats code. Can't remember it but search it on google and you'll find it for sure

What does mgs4 stand for?

MGS4 stands for Metal gear solid 4 itz a PS3 game

Will there be a sequel to mgs4?

NO unfortunately Hideo Kojima has repeatedly announced he wouldn't be making a sequel to MGS4

Mgs4 for 360?

no itz not

What is the logo on the front of snake's vest in MGS4?

The Logo on Solid Snake's Combat Vest in MGS4 means Philanthropy.

Is big boss in mgs4?


Does Big Boss die?

Big Boss Dies in MGS4. Don't get mad at me if you haven't played MGS4....the question was asked, and I answered it.

How can mgs4 be for PS3 only?

It is not, the mgs4 could be made for ps2 as well if they ever made it like that. For me complain to the people that made the game.

Are there any zwinky cheats?

There are no longer any cheats.

Are there any cheats for avirtualhorsecom?

there are no cheats

Is there any cheats for marapets?

No there is no cheats.

Are there any cheats for Mondozoo?

No. There are no cheats.