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No, i have been looking for a game to play like this and i have searched everywhere including all the search engines and nothing has came up!

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Q: Are there any body piercing games online?
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Are there any body piercing games?

no there isn't any body piercing games

What condition does body piercing cause?

Body Piercing do not cause any "condition" in a medical sense. The adornment of the body by piercing doesn't cause any adverse reaction or event in the body. Failure to look after a new piercing can lead to infections, and reactions when the piercing is incorrectly looked after.

Where to buy lip rings?

Any body piercing facility or tattoo studio that does body piercing as well.

Where can you find a spacer for your monroe piercing?

Any body piercing studio will carry spacers.

How can you purchase the pearl piercing stuff online?

That is a body modification that is done by a highly experienced professional body piercer and is not something anyone should attempt who has little if any knowledge about the human anatomy or body piercing. Leave that to the professionals, you can do permanent damage by messing around with pearling.

When can a person get a piercing after a car accident?

if the part of the body where you are getting the piercing is uninjured then you may get the piercing at any time you wish

Where can you get snakebites?

Any good body piercing studio in your area, listed in the yellow pages under "Body Piercing " or "Tattoos" ( some tattoo shops do piercing as well ) .

Do tattoos or body piercing have any role in Santeria?


Is there any piercing shops in Toronto that would do a eyebrow piercing on a 13 year old?

Any body piercing studio will do the piercing for you but you will need your parents to go and sign the consent forms before you can get it done.

Can your body reject eyebrow piercings?

yes your body can reject any piercing

Is there anywhere in the united kingdom that is licensed to put you to sleep for a body piercing?

No. Definitely not. If you need to be sedated for a body piercing this is not for you. Seriously not only is that needless it's also highly dangerous. What you need to do is fine a good body piercer, check out the Wildcat Collection website they have links to good piercing studios in the UK. But being sedated for a piercing is not permitted in any country for any reputable body piercing studio.

Can Any Body share Where we get Free Software and games?

Play retro online games here: