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Q: Are there any US landmarks beginning with letter x?
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What do landmarks mean in Australia?

The landmarks make us proud to be Australian.

US state beginning with U?

Utah, is the only state beginning with the letter U.

What letter never appears at the beginning of any us presidents including first middle and last name?

No US president has I, ,X, Y , or Z among his initials.

Which side was the US on at the beginning of World War 1?

The US did not belong to any side at the beginning of WW1.

Middle letter of US state beginning with x?


What are some US cities beginning with the letter I?

Indianapolis, Indiana

What is a four-letter word beginning with us?

User, used.

What is a major US city beginning with the letter K?

Kalamazoo, Michigan

What are states in the US beginning with the letter O?

Ohio Oklahoma Oregon

US cities beginning with letter c?

Chicago, Charlotte, Charleston

What is a major US city beginning with the letter eye?

Indianapolis, Indiana

What is the us state beginning with p?

The only US state that begins with the letter "P" is Pennsylvania.