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there is mmorpg

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Q: Are there any 3D virtual worlds with no email?
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Are there any free virtual worlds?

Try, its a free 3D virtual world! No download too! is also free and is a cool 3d virtual world, and no downloads. is kind of 3d is nice and 3d

Are there any Avatar the Last Airbender virtual worlds?

Nickelodeon is creating one, it will be a 3D world.

What are some of the 3d virtual worlds?

frenzoo but you need to get the pluging for it to be 3d meez

Is there any free virtual worlds with no membership?

Yes if you mean virtual as 3d then heres a game it is 3d and you only have to write a name as you want to display it to others.

Is there any virtual worlds with sex in?

Utherverse for virtual sex is decent..... referal name __3D__ that is two underscores before and two underscores after 3D

Is there any virtual 3d werewolf worlds games?

well, not much 3D's but wolfhome is a 2D one but its not ver good and is mainly used by chating.. do try that out...

List of all 3d virtual worlds NO download?

There is only one, Xivio. It is free, no-download, and 3D.

What are some virtual worlds for teenagers?

Try, its a free 3D virtual world! No download too!

What are some good virus free virtual worlds? is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

What can one do on the website Worlds?

On the Worlds website, software can be downloaded to create your own virtual 3D world. The virtual worlds of others can be viewed, and a chat feature is offered to communicate with other users.

What is a safe virtual worlds for kids?

Try, its a free 3D virtual world. Safe for kids! No download too!

What is girlgamezone?

Girlgamezone is a games website for girls, focused on virtual games, 3d, Sims, and virtual worlds and games arcade.