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Not on the website but if you buy any DS or Wii games involving charm girls club you can get codes off of them! If you go to charm codes and then click get a code you will, for free, get a code that can be used on all OTHER charm girls club games and the online site.



The best part is the code can only be used once on your game but it can be used by loads of people after you use it!!!

Hope this helps!

Hi! Some codes are 7SFQ6PLMJ6P (Pajama Party) SKFFZ3GRT7 (My Perfect Prom) BF3WRN3V3J (My Fashion Mall) DLZXPZRGD (My Fashion Show)

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Q: Are their any cheats for charm girls club?
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Are there any charm codes for charm girls club?

Sometimes they are 'charm codes' for charm girls club. It mostly depends on if the leader has created a 'charm code'.

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I have some friends codes: 46fadbcd 9aa4aef6 b427922a a9ac8164 9b16bad0 96d6653a 9406ba96 537319af c6772b62 945e5364 5bd10c17 16bad90d 50f66f3e

What are the secret codes for the charm girls club games?

There are really easy ways to get codes but you can't get them off the Internet. You have to get them off your DS or Wii game. Charm Girls have DS games that when you go to charm codes and then to get a code you'll get a code that can be used on any other charm girls game. here are some codes: DKVFZ7GPZR FB6SRHPF7K sorry if they don't work but i bet they will any way by Clara i have tired they work

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