Are silver and blaze still friends?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no they love each other! at the end of sonic 06 silver says to blaze as she is going back into her dimension "I wouldn't know what to do without you" and blaze says "your so naive... but I have always liked that about you"

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Q: Are silver and blaze still friends?
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Is silver the hedgehog's best friend is blaze?

Blaze and Silver are just friends.....

Does mephiles the dark have friends?

yes,well at least he had friends! he was possibly friends with silver and blaze,well at least that is what silver and blaze thought.

How can blaze marry sonic when silver loves blaze and Amy wont give up sonic?

This question does not make sense: Sonic and Blaze are just friends. Silver didn't said he loves Blaze.

Who is Blaze the Cat from Sonic Boyfriend?

sont think its sonic hes dating me and sonic and blaze r friends. SILVER is dating BLAZE! cant you see the chemresty between them? they were bffs and nw bf and gf.(my bro loves blaze) but anyway blaze and silver. but there once will be a Megan the hedghog and silver and Megan will be going out!

Who likes blaze the cat?

the three hedgehogs silver,shadow, and sonic first of all she is my third fav character sonic likes blaze as a friend tails likes blaze as a friend knuckles does not know her that well amy and blaze are friends jet does not know blaze storm does not know blaze wave does not know blaze dr eggman and blaze are rivals cream and blaze are friends rouge does not know blaze (comics dont count!) shadow does not know blaze silver and blaze are close friends charmy does not know blaze same with espio same with vector same with big same with omega same eith metal sonic

Are silver and blaze a couple?

Blaze and Silver are a couple

When was Silver Blaze created?

Silver Blaze was created in 1892.

Is blaze and silver bad guys?

Of Course Not!!! Their Best Friends Havent You Seen Sonic The Hedgehog!?

Is Silver the Hedgehog in love with Blaze the Cat?

No but they are pretty close friends.... although there has been signs that Blaze mite have a few feelings for Silver..

Is silver and blaze a couple?

no.. their just friends..jeez!! what's with you guys and sonic couples?! theor just video game charcters?!

What does blaze like about silver?

Blaze likes about Silver when hes naiive.

Does silver remember blaze?

yes silver does remember blaze in sonic the hegehog