Is blaze faster than silver

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is blaze faster than silver
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Are silver and blaze a couple?

Blaze and Silver are a couple

When was Silver Blaze created?

Silver Blaze was created in 1892.

What does blaze like about silver?

Blaze likes about Silver when hes naiive.

Is silver the hedgehog a year older than blaze the cat?


Is silver the hedgehog's best friend is blaze?

Blaze and Silver are just friends.....

Does silver remember blaze?

yes silver does remember blaze in sonic the hegehog

What is the duration of Silver Blaze film?

The duration of Silver Blaze - film - is 1.18 hours.

When was Silver Blaze - film - created?

Silver Blaze - film - was created in 1937-07.

Is Silver Blaze's boyfriend?

No Blaze doesn't have a boyfriend.

Did silver cry when blaze dies?

Yes silver did cry after blaze exploaded and the sun came out silver put his head down sadly and said "blaze" sadly and stared crying

What are the ratings and certificates for Silver Blaze - 1923?

Silver Blaze - 1923 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

Does blaze the cat have a theme song?

No. Many have taken Silver's theme 'Dreams Of An Absolution' to be a dual Silver-Blaze theme, but Blaze doesn't have one of her own.