Are kotor 2 mods free

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes they are. Just check it.

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Q: Are kotor 2 mods free
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Does kotor mods cost?


How do you upload all kotor 2 mods on PC?

in the kotor 2 file, just create a new folder called Override, make it here..this is where it is at on mine anyways: Computer>Program Files>LucasArts>Kotor2>Override

Is Darth revan in kotor 2?

Yes and No. You encounter him on Korriban in the mysterious tomb but he is nothing more than a vision

Do you need kotor 1 to run kotor 2?

No you don't need KotOR I to run KotOR II.

Why won't kotor 1 and kotor 2 work on my PC?

you have got vista and kotor dosent work for vista hope this helped

How to fix Kotor?

There is one way how to fix kotor 2, you have to get the patch, sadly they deleted the patch.cant they put it back on? I believe they are going to be making another patch for KOTOR 2.

Can you get revan's suit in kotor 1?

You can get his robes on the star forge if you're dark side aligned but anything else is done using mods.

Can you put kotor 2 on a mac?

It is possible to play the video game Kotor 2 on a Mac. Instructions of how to do so are online.

Where can one find mods for the Sims 2?

One can find mods for the video game Sims 2 on various websites like ModTheSims and ModTheSims2. Both websites offer a great variety of mods for the Sims 2 which can be downloaded for free.

Where to get kotor mission vao nude patch?

See the related link below. Look around all the mods there and you're bound to find something.

Where can you get the bastila nude mod for kotor? you have to register to see pics and download the mods

Does a gamecam work for KOTOR 2?

i think