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No because somebody couldn't ride one on YouTube.

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Q: Are garudamon ride-able in minecraft digimobs?
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Is there a way in minecraft to ride the ender dragon?

No however in a new update it may be possible. The only rideable mob in minecraft is a pig.

When will Minecraft with rideable dragons come out?

There are Bukkit plugins already available to do that on Bukkit Minecraft servers, but they haven't released any information on actually implementing that into the game.

What is the final evolution of garudamon?

Metal Garurumon

How do you have a garudamon in Digimon dawn in DS?

You can either get them at task canyon or digivolve a birdramon

What country made the smallest rideable bike?


Which Digimon can DNA digivolve into anubismonin Digimon World Dusk?

garudamon+blossomon or yatagaramon+ karentenmon

What is the height of the worlds largest rideable motorcycle?

90 inches

Is there a hack for Zoo Tycoon 2 making animals rideable?

Go to : but this hack only make elephant and ostritch rideable

What is the minimum tide height for shark island to be rideable?

Safely? 2-3 ft

Who created the worlds tallest rideable motorcycle?

Tom Wiberg from Sweden holds the record for creating the world's tallest rideable motorcycle, which stands at over 16 feet tall. It was officially certified by Guinness World Records in 2015.

What are the bicycle frame purposes?

The frame is needed to hold the different parts together to form a rideable vehicle.

How do you get moon milleniumon in Digimon dusk?

To get a Zeedmillenniummon you have to get a Machinedramon and Kimeramon. Then you have to DNA digivovle them together which creates a Millenniummon, which you must digivovle it toMoon=Millenniummon then you digivovle it to Zeedmillenniummon.