Are Pokemon fat

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hell yeah have you ever seen pickachus belly fat whoa do not get me talking about charzard

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Q: Are Pokemon fat
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Is Pokemon Snorlax a cat?

Pokemon snorlax is a fat bear because of his paws

How do you get other Pokemon with you in a charge battle on Super Pokemon Rumble 3DS?

be a fat person

What is memorial pillar for on Pokemon FireRed?

fat people

How to get a girlfriend if your fat?

give her your collection of pokemon cards

Is purugly a good Pokemon?

yes just because it is fat and ugly does not mean it is not a good Pokemon

Why is Pikachu fat?

Pikachu is not 'fat', but all Pokemon need to be different in size, because they need to be unique.

How do you get fc number on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Pokemon is whack and pikachu is on crack and those fat crapers are back but i know Pokemon is bull @$@%

Where can you find dive on Pokemon Diamond version?

There is no HM called dive in Pokemon Diamond you fat oaf.

How can you capture legendary Pokemon?

S a fat D bro!

How do you you get arecus on Pokemon diamond?

cheating is for your pants so eat a fat free fat cake and punch a donkey

Why is there a fat chicken on the cover of Pokemon Platinum?

It is NOT a fat chicken. It is Giratina. Just play the game and find out. ;D

Where is the AR in Pokemon Black and White?

There isnt any in pokemon so go away and get a life you fat retard