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No, they are just boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Q: Are Mario and peach maried or engaged?
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In MarioKart is Peach in love with Mario?

Yes, Peach and Mario are engaged. Yes, Peach and Mario are engaged. Yes, Peach and Mario are engaged. Yes, Peach and Mario are engaged.

Is Mario engaged?

Yes he is. He's engahed with princess peach.

Are Mario and peach engaged?

Yes they are married as well as Luigi and Daisy are

Is zara Phillips maried?

No - but she is engaged.

Who is Mario maried to?

No one at the moment, some people think that he and peach are already married, but thats WRONG, mabye in the near futre he will get married, but to answer your question in one word: no.

Who is peach on Mario best friend?

I think is on ssbb or ssbm but Peach love Mario because Mario save princess peach and Peach and Mario friends

Are baby peach and baby Mario brother and sister?

Baby Mario and Baby Peach are not brother and sister. They are just Mario and Peach as babies.

Does Mario hate peach?

No, and why would she? Mario goes on adventures just because he wants to save Peach. If I were Peach, I wouldn't hate him. Some Mario fans even think that Mario and Peach are a couple.

How did Mario meet Peach?

Mario saves peach in super Mario bros in 1985

Is peach married?

of course peach is married she married to Mario and and the have baby Mario baby peach

Is Peach married to Mario?

Mario is married to peach which would mean that baby Mario and baby peach are brother and sister Mario and peach did it totaly.but baby Mario andpeach were made by Yoshi and toad.look it up

Who is baby peach's momma?

Peach And baby Mario's dad is Mario