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Q: Does mario love peach or daisy?
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Who does princess daisy love?

Princss Daisy from Mario loves Luigi like Peach loves Mario.

Who does Peach like more Mario or Luigi?

obviously luigi she love him there perfect Mario cheats on peach and daisy cheats on luigi

Why are Daisy and peach friends?

um I think cos Mario rescued peach and daisy

What was the first Mario game with peach and daisy?

Mario Kart

Who are the matches for peach daisy and rosalina?

peach goes with Mario daisy goes with luigi and Rosalina has no one

Who does Super Mario love?

Mario's only love is Princess Peach. Luigi loves Princess Daisy, and Rosalina was just a helper for Mario. jeez, he rescued Peach for 20 years, ya think people would know this!

Does lugi like peach?

No Luigi does not like peach. Mario and peach have gotten married and they have had kids. Baby Mario and Baby Peach. Luigi has a crush on Daisy and Daisy has a thing for Yoshi. Hope this helped

Does dasiy like luigi?

Yes. in some games they love each other. Just like Mario and Daisy. In Mario Kart, Daisy Circuit has Daisy and Luigi shown as a statue together. Just like Mario and Peach.

What princesses are in Mario?

princess peach and queen daisy

Who is the voice of Mario luigi daisy peach ect?

Mario, Luigi, Wario, And Waluigi are voiced by Charles Martinet. Im not sure who voices Peach and Daisy. ; )

What are all the Mario couples?

Mario and Princess Peach Luigi and Princess Daisy Yoshi and Birdo Toad and Toadette Baby Mario and Baby Peach Baby Luigi and Baby Daisy

Is baby Mario and baby peach in love?

Yep because also Peach and Mario r in love so Baby Peach and Baby Mario have to be in love:)

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