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Dad's 1st Riddle: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Dad's 2nd Riddle: Paint or Coat of paint

Charlie's 1st Riddle: R

Charlie's 2nd Riddle: N

Stirling's Riddle: Hamilton & Spring Grove, Hamilton & Spring Grove, Abbot & Spring Grove, Abbot & Spring Grove. (Just do both of them twice)

Ruthie's 1st Riddle: White, Pink, Blue, Yellow

Ruthie's 2nd Riddle: Are You Sleeping?

School Yard Girl's Riddle: Harriet's are big with metal wheels, Anna's are small with wooden wheels, Kate's are big with wooden wheels, and Sarah's are small with metal wheels.

Jacob's Riddle: Stirling is pitcher, Roger is 3rd base, Kate is 1st Base, and Harriet is 2nd Base.

Roger's Riddle: Breath or Your Breath

Will's Riddle: 11

Aunt Millie's 1st Riddle: Wholesome

Aunt Millie's 2nd Riddle: Dozens

Aunt Millie's 3rd Riddle: Half A Pound

Aunt Millie's 4th Riddle: 3

Aunt Millie's 5th Riddle: 7.5

(I really hope I helped anyone who needed these answers; on most cheat websites they only give you the really easy riddles. So. . .yeah, hope I helped. Enjoy the Answers! :) P.S If anyone needs more answers on ANY of the mysteries, I'm happy to help)

Thanks sooooo much!! -14seneca5de

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Q: Answers for kit mystery challenge ds mystery 6?
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Roger answer: Breath Ruthie answer: are you asleep? Charlie answer #1: R Charlie answer #2: N What else!?!?!? -14seneca5de

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I'm ruining your fun, but the name starts with a G. That's all i can say.

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gracie. clues; whisker in the door latch, grcie's pawprints match footprints in yard, hers are the only footprints that overlap the chicken footprints. hope it was helpful

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