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Animal Crossing Cityfolk is the latest out of the two. you do realise you can check wikipedia for these?

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2010-05-31 15:39:22
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2021-01-27 15:28:47

Where every animal lives which is on the island.

Examples of the animals: cat Rosie, dog Goldie

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Q: Animal Crossing wild world or Animal Crossing cityfolk which is the newest?
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Is there a game that never ends?

yes there is 2 of them...ANIMAL CROSSING WILD WORLD..for Nintendo DS........ and ANIMAL CROSSING CITYFOLK ....for the wii

Which Animal Crossing game came out first?

Animal Crossing for Nintendo Game Cube. After that Wild world for DS and the newest animal crossing game is City Folk for Nintendo Wii.

Why cant you see your neighbors in tom noks shop for Animal Crossing wild world?

The animals aren't very active. Though they walk around, talk with each other, decorate their houses and such. But in Animal Crossing Cityfolk, sometimes if you see something in Tom Nook's shop, the next day, it may be in an animal's house.

Will there be a 4th Animal Crossing game?

If you count the series as: Animal Forest (0) Animal Crossing (1) Animal Crossing: Wild World (2) Animal Crossing: City Folk (3) Then the forth will most likely be on their next console. Although there is no word about it, I can say with confidence that there will always be Animal Crossing on the newest console. When the next one comes out you should look out for it.

How do you have a baby on Animal Crossing wild world?

You can not have a baby on Animal Crossing: Wild World

Where is whisp on Animal Crossing wild world?

Whisp is not on the Animal Crossing Wild World.

Is Jack in Animal Crossing Wild World?

No, but he is on the original Animal Crossing and on Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Wild world Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing: Wild World is the second game in the Animal Crossing games. It's a game for the DS.

How do you have a car in Animal Crossing wild world?

you cant get a car on animal crossing wild world but you can get it on animal crossing lets go to the city

Can you go to Animal Crossing island on Animal Crossing wild world?

You cannot go to an island in Animal Crossing: Wild World or in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Only in the Gamecube game.

Animal Crossing wild world for psp?

There is no animal crossing for the PSP.

Can you get a boat on Animal Crossing wild world?

No. You are unable to get a boat on Animal Crossing Wild World.

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