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go to jubilife go to the place where you can fish use surf then it is canalave city the sixs gym

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Q: After giving the charm to Cynthia's grandmother where do you go pearl version?
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Where is fantina after you take the charm to Cynthias grandmother in Pokemon diamond?

You don't have to see her afterwards.

What do you after you give the charm to cynthias grandmother in celestic town Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?


How do you get hm surf on pokemon pearl?

In Celestic Town from Cynthia's grandmother inside the ruins after defeating the Galactic Grunt and giving her the Old Charm.

Where is the HM Surf obtained in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

In Celestic town when you defeat the galactic grunt and give the old charm to cynthias grandma head into the ruins and talk to the picture of azelf,uxie and mesprit.Cynthias grandma will give you hm03 then.

How do you evolve charm eleon in yellow version?

once he reaches level 36 he will evolve into charizard

Whats the tale behind the Swarovski Crystal Charm Bracelets?

The Swarovski Crystal Charm Bracelets have a good and mysterious feel, but it's best to add your own story when giving it to your partner.

Where is the hm surf on diamond?

after you defeat crasher wake you go to the celestic town and you give the old charm that cinthya gave you to her grandmother and then go into the celestic ruins and click on the pattern at the back then the grandmother will come and give you HM 06 surf

In Pokemon pearl where do you get the old charm?

well you have to get the secret potion from Cynthia in solaceon and use it on the psyduck that are standing in the way after you've done that Cynthia will come and give you the old charm and she'll say I want you to deliver that to my grandmother in celestic town.

Where can you get goo reader paid version for free?

You can find it in torrent sites. Go to torrent search (google it). and search for gooreader. Probably you will find a older version but it works like charm.

Where is the key for the fifth gym of Pokemon pearl?

Their isn't a key you need to beat oreburgh gym eterna gym veilstone gym and pastoria gym then Cynthia the Pokemon league champion gives you a secret potion to use on the pshduck blocking the way to celestic town give it to them and then go to Cynthia's grandmother she looks really old and give her an old charm what Cynthia gave you then battle to galactic grunt blocking the ruins and then go inside cynthias grandma comes in and tells you about mesprit uxie and azelf then go back to hearthome and fantina will be there.

How do you battle Katrina in Pokemon Diamond?

There is no battlable character named Katrina in Pokemon Diamond. However, the Gym Leader Fantina can be battled in her gym after delivering the Charm to the grandmother in Celestic Town

What is charm collective noun for?

The collective noun is used for:a charm of goldfinchesa charm of finchesa charm of hummingbirds.