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After you beat the elite four you already have 1 2 and 3 island but if you visit Cielio on 1 island and get the Ruby for him in Mt Ember then you can unlock the sevii islands which gives you an additional 4 islands where you battle trainers, use your vs seeker, or battle higher level wild pokemon. Hope this helped.

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Q: After first elite four beat where should you train on fire red?
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How do you beat the elite four in soulsilver?

You should train your Pokemon over level 50 and teach it good moves. The elite four are actually quite easy but Lance is your toughest guy to beat.

Should rapidash lv 41 train on iron island on Pokemon diamond to beat elite four?

Yes, but train it to at least level 50.

How do you beat LeafGreen elite four?

train your Pokemon that's it.

How do you beat all of the Elite Four and the champion in Pokemon Ruby?


How beat E4?

if you mean elite four then just TRAIN AND BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An easy way to beat the elite four in Pokemon LeafGreen?

just train your Pokemon each to lvl 55 and you should have no trouble

What do you do first beat red or beat the elite four in soul silver?

catch a floatzel, train it, it reaaly powerful against fire, ground and rock type....make it learn surf and waterfall, helps a lot....

Can't migrate from Pokemon fire red to Pokemon Platinum or Pearl what should I do and in which game should I beat the elite four to migrate?

The first thing you have to be sure of is that you have beaten the Elite Four. Do that first!

Where can i train my Pokemon to high enough levels to beat the elite four in Pokemon pearl?

Well,Level 70-100 Is A Good Level To Beat The Elite 4.

Where do you train your Pokemon in Pokemon emerald after you beat the elite four?

Keep battling the Elite Four it really trains your Pokemon!! That's how I train my Pokemon. Either that or an Action Replay, which I have...

How do you beat elite 4 Pokemon Crystal?

Train Your Pokemon- (Train till level 60 above,sure can one)

What Pokémon are good enough to beat the elite four in sapphire version?

All of them you just have to train the good enough to beat them