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Q: A person who works for another person in order to learn a skill or a trade is?
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A person who works for another person in order to learn a skill or a trade is .?


Who works for another person in order to learn a skill or a trade is .?


Name one skill that people had to learn in order to grow crops?

A skill people had to learn would have needed to learn the skills to make tools like scythes, rakes, shovels, etc: to efficiently harvest crops.

A person who is slow to learn is a?

The trouble that there are sorts of medical terms for someone who is slow learner. A person who is slow to learn maths is dyscalcic, a person slow to learn reading is dyslexic, a person who is slow to learn balance or similar poise is call a dyspraxic. It depends on how easy the skill is to learn, whether the person enjoys doing it and if they practise.

What is the hardest skill to learn?

Learning a new skill.

What is learning to learn skill?

Learning a new skill.

What is the difference between teaching and learning?

To teach is to impart knowledge or skill, while to learn is to acquire knowledge or skill by study. The two words are antonyms of one another.

If you practice a skill while you are tired or sore will your skill decrease on a permanent basis?

A person can 'learn' to do something wrong, like using a tennis racket inefficiently, but that is a different case than trying to learn something while tired or sore. That will probably improve a skill, but not enough to justify the effort.

What does gray mean when you go to a class trainer in wow?

Gray means you already know that skill green means you can learn the skill and red means your skill level is to low to learn the skill at that time.

What is a good skill for an identity thief to have?

A good 'skill' to learn and have would be a conscience.

Why is algebra an important skill to learn?

algebra is good to learn because it will follow you onto college and it is a skill most jobs need

Why is you so jeolous of Hannah Montana?

A person may be jealous (of any other person or situation) as a result of fear, anxiety and insecurity. This generally occurs when a person feels something of value (such as a relationship or skill) is threatened (by another individual or skill set). Jealousy is often a result of a situation in which an individual has something and is afraid of losing it. The person may also envy (the other person or skill set). This is a situation where the individual does not have the thing/person desired, or wants to prevent another from obtaining.