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i found the blade of awe and i talked to Valencia but she did not got me the blade of awe she said you have to login out but your stone will still okay.

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Q: AQ where are all the pieces of the blade of awe?
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How do you get an blade of awe on dragonfable?

I do not think you can. Only in AQ. If you could, it was probably just for a limited time. In AQW though, they released the "Blade of Aweee-mannn!" which looked like the Blade of Awe, but was made of paper.

Who can give you a dragonfable account with dragon amulet or an aq guardian?

Yes the dragonfable account has 50 lv and the blade of awe the aq account is a X-gaurdian lv 200 with twin blades of awe

How do you elementalize your very own weapon of awe in AQ?

Go to the guardian tower and ask the guy by the table to elementalize your guardian armor. This changes the the type of your weapon of awe or your guardian blade.

Is the blade of awe guardian only in AQ?

Yes. IMPROVEMENT: Yes. However you can still collect the pieces as a normal free user, and choose to buy a guardianship later on. You will have the pieces, and won't have to worry about finding the blade when you do gain guardianship. I have the blade, and did this. Some places you can find it are: Crossroads -> Somewhere. Granemore -> Haunted house (you might have to beat it a few times.) Rip in the Sky -> Library -> Click on floor panel. hope i helped

How do you get a guardian blade aq worlds?

You have to be a Guardian on AQ which unlocks a shop in the tower :D

What is a good level weapon in aq?

elite blade

What does the purple draconian drop on AQ Worlds?

Chaotic Draconian Blade,Chaotic Draconian Blade

Does Luck in AQ help get the blade of awe?

Luck (LUK) increases a characters chance of starting the battle, finding a treasure chest, dodging monster attacks and affects accuracy for all attack types slightly increases the chance to block an attack. The affect is smaller than the other attributes."so yes"

Ivy blade on aq worlds?

ivy blade is rare it dropped from pumpkin head Fred during mogloween

How do you get the dragon blade on aq?

you can buy a dragon blade at valencias shop. you have to go to dragon slayer lair then quest for the dragon blade or get lucky when you hunt for monsters

What makes your weapon do a special attack on adventure quest?

The weapon itself makes it do it. Most weapons in AQ have a special ability that activates at random. Nothing makes it happen expect the weapon itself and chance. Some weapons have more then 1 ability like the Blade of Awe, and some are very unlikely to show up. The blade of awes "Power Word Die" IS VERY RARE about 0.1-1.0% will it activate.

How do you get the phoenix blade on aq worlds?

You must kill the red dragon in Lair, it is a members weapon though