6 syllable words

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The word "onomatopoeia" has six syllables. Onomatopoeia is a literary device in which a word is a phonetic imitation of a sound.

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Some six-syllable words include "indefatigable", "retro-futuristic", and "pseudo-intellectual".

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Q: 6 syllable words
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What are some examples of 6 syllable words?

The following are 6 syllable words:fundamentalismmemorabiliaincapacitatedbiodegradabletheoreticallyrevolutionaryresponsibilityagriculturalistintellectuallycoincidentallymethodologicalillegitimatelyThere are many, many more!

What are 5 or 6 syllable words for nice?


What are some 6 syllable words for sport?

Exercises (ex-er-ci-ses).Before a game, you usually have to do exercises.

What are some 7-syllable words?

revolutionary is a 6 syllable word but there is no 7 syllable word I can find. I found telecommunication, meterological and industrialiation

What are some examples of 6 syllable words about the weather?

Predictability, weatherability.

What are some 6 syllable words that kids would know?

cup-cake ta-ble

Where can you find a list of 6 syllable words?

Please see the related links for:A dictionary search engine by Mike Hammond from the University of Arizona, which lets you search for words by their number of syllables (and gives hundreds of 6-syllable words).RhymeZone, which lets you find rhyming words sorted by number of syllables.

What are some 6-syllable words?

Just off the top of my head: extracurricular gladiatorial premeditatedly phantasmagorical anthropomorphically interrelatedly Is that enough for now?

How many syllable in humanitarian?

There are 6 syllables.

What are some 6 syllable verbs?


How many syllables does 'soccer is a fun game' have?

soccer--2 syllables is--1 syllable a--1 syllable fun--1 syllable game--1 syllable 6 total syllables

What are examples of 6 syllable words?

There are lots of them! Here are some you have probably used: circumnavigation descriminatory incomprehensible Here are some to expand your vocabulary: antediluvian anticoagulants disambiguation discontinuity indefatigable prestidigitation sesquicentennial superannuated supernumerary verisimilitude