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concept formation

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Q: You hear a new kind of music that you really like and now your idea of what music is has expanded. What is happening here?
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Who wrote the music for that movie?

Never hear of that movie.. (But it sounds really good)Do they have it on Netflix?

Do cobras really dance?

You could say that they do, but definitely not to music! They can't hear anything!

When you hear classical music what do you imagine happening?

Just like in any instrumental music, it really depends on what the piece IS. Horns, strings, and percussion can each take you to different emotions. Stringed bass, with its deep low notes in some pieces, can bring forth anger or deep sadness. Flutes can uplift. Percussion and cymbals can startle and cause surprise. All of these can cause mental pictures of "what is happening" or could be happening.

When was I Hear the Music created?

I Hear the Music was created in 1976.

When was Hear the Music created?

Hear the Music was created in 1992.

When was Music to Hear created?

Music to Hear was created in 1972.

When was The Music That We Hear created?

The Music That We Hear was created in 1998.

When was Hear Music created?

Hear Music was created in 1990.

What is music really?

Music is, really, everything. Music relates to everyone. I, personally, believe that music is not just a collection of sounds. Music is what people look up to. you do not just hear music, you feel it, experience it, trust it, believe it. if you think music is instruments playing to an orchestra or band, then, you have the right idea, but that's only it's definition, not what it is, really. The music isn't right for you if you don't relate: feel the music. Music is you!

What is the name of this reggae song with lyrics of you hear music sweet music?

That's 'Dancing in the Streets", but it's not really reggae unless it was redone that way

How does music travel from the radio to the music you hear?

by the wires and then when the radio is on the music travels to the wires and the music goes out the speaker and then you could hear the music

Why can i Hear my name being called in music?

its the same with me but hear my name not in music