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I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan, but I think between the two, Yoda would win. Yoda is completely in touch with his inner source. Wizards tend more to rely on attained skill.

Yoda also has his lightsaber. This is a huge advantage as he can cut through anything. They both rely on external strength, but I think that since Yoda can jump around very quickly he would likely win. I also do not think Gandalf would be able to resist Yoda's force abilities. However, Gandalf with his Ring of Fire Narya would give Yoda a good fight.


Comment and correction to the above: Gandalf is not a wizard. Gandalf is a Maia, think minor god or angel. He and a few others of his kind were given the shape of old men and sent to Middle-earth as helpers of the free peoples against Sauron; the members of that group have been called "wizards" by the inhabitants of Middle-earth. But wizards in their generic fantasy sense, with spells and magic books, do not exist in Tolkien's world. And the ring Narya is not and cannot be used for fighting. See related question below.

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I think Yoda would definitely win Yoda would win cuz he's a jedi MASTER

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Superman because he's super.

Yoda, because he has the force, and Superman isn't light saber-proof.

Luckily, they would probably fight on the same side. :)

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Q: Yoda or Goku in a fight to the death?
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