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that doesn't sound like a question, but yes that is true. he does try his best to make music for his fans and he does love his fans a lot. :)

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Q: Yes because he trys his best ro make music for his fans and he loves his fans very much?
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Why does Ashley Tisdale like her career?

Ashley tisdale like her carreer because she loves to sing and dance for her fans and she loves the camera and her music is about her life and she wants her fans to know and she loves to act and she loves her fans and her family

What does Taylor Swift love making?

Music. She loves this for her fans.

Why does Selena Gomez love her fans?

She loves her fans because they are the ones that keep her moving! She has stated that she loves her fans a lot! That's because without them she wouldn't be where she is today! OBVIOUSLY!

Why does Justin Bieber kiss his fans?

Because he loves them

Can Nick Jonas like his fans?

Does Nick Jonas like his fans. He not only likes them he loves them.Nick has said many times that he loves his fans.They're the best fans in the whole world.They are the reason we do what we do.

Does Justin like his girlfriend Selena Gomez or his fans more?

i think he would love them both equally because he loves selena and he loves his fans without his fans he would be nothing

Why does Justin Bieber work?

Because he loves his Fans, 'Beliebers'

Does Taylor Lautner like fans from 9 to 12?

He loves all of his fans because he credits his success to them.

Does Chris Brown loves you?

yes he loves all his fans especially me because im his biggest fan

Does lady gaga love her little fans?

Oh course she loves them she even calls them her little monsters. Every superstar loves their fans because they give them the stardom! :)

Does Taylor swift like being a singer?

she loves being a singer because she loves her fans and would be no where without them.

Does Chris Brown really love his fans?

Yes Chris Brown does love his fans. Chris Brown loves his fans because without his fans he wouldn't be famous.