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Probably. Demi Lovato probably loves all her fans. Even her Muslim fans :D

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Q: Does Demi Lovato like Muslim people?
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newtest6 yeah i do like demi lovato

Who is the same person as Demi Lovato?

Lea Michele from Glee looks a bit like Demi Lovato.

How many people like Demi Lovato dressing?

No one.

How can you sound like Demi Lovato?

It Takes A Lot Of Practice To Sound Like Demi Lovato.

How can you be a good singer like Demi Lovato how can you look as pretty as Demi Lovato?

no-one can look like her she is the one and only demi lovato and she is unique. no one can look like her.:P

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go on Demi Lovato/ fashion fansite

Does Joe J like Demi Lovato?

her name is demi lovato! and no not in the way your thinking!

Did Demi Lovato ever get sick?

yes, just like other people

Who inspered Demi Lovato do be what she is today?

People like john mayer, paramore,kings of leon and them inspired demi to what she is today.

What kind of pillow pet dopes Demi Lovato have?

Demi Lovato has a unicorn pillow pet! Like me! :D

How do you do your make up like Demi Lovato?

Demi Lovato LOVES dramatic eyes with a nude lip,go to Youtube than search for "DEMI LOVATO MAKE UP TUTORIAL" (:

Does miley like Demi Lovato?

yes, miley and demi are friends.