Wwe superstars fight for real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some of Wrestling is fake, although some moves, like bodyslams, chokeslams, diving moves, etc. are hard to fake. Also, wrestlers may occasionally bang their nose or lose a tooth, in which they may bleed real blood. Sometimes, wrestlers may break a bone in real life during a wrestling match. Most matches are planned though, and punches and kicks and similar moves are often staged.

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Q: Wwe superstars fight for real
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no it sounds like it but they don'tyes

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The wwe superstars real jobs are wrestling.

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wwe uperstars fight in alot of many ways sometime they hit each other by chairs and table and when they are bleding they have to go to the dotor hurry when john cena vs trple hh at wrestmaina that a real fight because it's the most biggest man a vent in the wwe history

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No, none of the wwe superstars signurature moves are real! nothing about the wwe is reall! THE WWE IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WWE Superstars is not on TV, it is aired on the official WWE website.

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