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there are 19 divas in the wwe

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Q: How many superstars are there in the WWE?
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How many wwe superstars has maria dated?

2 WWE Superstars: CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler

How many WWE superstars were in jail?

For what I know, there are 14 WWE (including WWF) Superstars that went in jail.

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What channal is WWE Superstars?

WWE Superstars is not on TV, it is aired on the official WWE website.

Who are the artists of all the WWE superstars?

Jim Johnston writes and sometimes performs many of the theme songs for WWE superstars and divas.

What is the duration of WWE Superstars?

The duration of WWE Superstars is 3600.0 seconds.

Is tna like a retirement home for WWE superstars?

Although many retired WWE talent goes to TNA, there are many new young superstars that start out there.

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