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yes in 2014 they are making part one in underland chronicals

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Q: Will there be an underland chronicals movie?
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Are they going to make movies out of Suzanne Collin's Underland Chronicles?

There are no current plans for the Underland Chronicles to be made into a movie.

Where did Alice go in the movie Alice in Wonderland?

In the Tim Burton version, she goes to Underland. In most of the other versions, Alice goes to Wonderland, which is still the same place as Underland.

Is Wonderland actually called Underland?

In Tim Burton's 2010 film, Wonderland is actually called Underland, but in the original book and other movie versions, it's called Wonderland.

When was Underland Press created?

Underland Press was created in 2008.

When was The Underland Chronicles created?

The Underland Chronicles was created in 2003.

Why was the Spiderwick Chronicals based on the three kids?

No one knows that. Yo should ask the director of the movie that.

What is the real name of Wonderland?

In Lewis Carroll's books, Wonderland is the real name of Wonderland.In Tim Burton's 2010 movie, Wonderland is called Underland. Burton wanted it to be Underland because he thought that it would be funny if Alice had made a mistake.

Who plays peter in chronicals of Narnia?

Peter Pevensie plays peter in chronicals of narnia!

How many Books of Chronicals are there in the Old Testament?

There are a two books of Chronicals in the old testament.

Is there an underland to earth?


Is it true that Chronicals of Narnia was filmed in Ireland?

yes it is true that the Chronicals of Narnia was filmed in Ireland

Is Orlando Bloom in Chronicals of Narnia?

No he is not.