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Tik Tok on the clock

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Q: Will there be a movie mirrors 2?
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Will palace of mirrors become a movie?


What is the name of the actor in the movie mirrors?

Kiefer southerland

Why are polished mirrors not used for movie screens?


How does the movie mirrors end?

You need to watch the movie for that answer, i don't want to spoil the story for you.

What are the kind of mirrors?

there are three kinds of mirror 1) concave 2) convex 3) plane

What was the name of the movie where there was a mirror that killed people?

mirrors...with keifer southerland

Who was a foe of quixote?

The Sorcerer, hence the night of the mirrors, watch the movie.

What movie is about a man who sees a guy only in mirrors who is trying to kill him but hes only in the reflection of things?

... You are going to feel like an idiot but..."Mirrors"

Where can one go to see the Mirrors Trailer?

Viewing the movie trailer "Mirrors" has some restrictions. The age required is 18. The movie is listed as a horror film that is gory and creepy. The trailer can be viewed at Screen Rant.

Does mirrors horror movie have a sequel?

yeah, its out 19th october 2010 in America

What is the most scariest movie of 2008 probably black Christmas?

Black Xmas was good... but the movie Mirrors is way worse

What two mirrors device use by sailors in a submarine?

The periscope, and I believe they have a lot more than 2 mirrors.