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Q: Why are polished mirrors not used for movie screens?
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Did they have mirrors in Pompeii?

They didn't have mirrors as such, they just polished up bits of metal really well which they then used as a reflective device.

What is glass used for?

It is used to make windows, light bulbs, glasses, mirrors, TV screens, bottles, bowls, Christmas ornaments, cups, and picture glass.

Metallic surface which gives a clear reflection?

Highly polished metal was used for mirrors before switching to glass. While it will reflect, the metal needs to be kept polished or the reflection will dull.

Are projector screens still being used today?

Large projector screens are used in several places today. Movie theaters use projector screens, large conferences use projector screens, and you can even rent or purchase projectors and screens for personal use.

What does bronze signifyin the Bible?

In those days bronze was polished very well and used as a mirror. As there were no mirrors in those days. Bows were also made of it.

Did Egyptians have mirrors?

Ancient Egyptians were meticulous about their appearances, and thus it is not surprising that they had mirrors. Women devoted much effort into bathing themselves and using perfume on their skin. They even had makeup.

What are uses of obsidian?

That is a volcanic glass. In ancient times it was used to make arrow heads and to make mirrors when it was polished. You can order a mirror using obsidian glass but it will cost you.

How many screens does a Megaplex have?

The Megaplex is a very popular movie theater. While the amount of screens vary by location, some theaters are known to have at least 30 screens used to view a film.

What person invented the mirror?

The romans. Also it was made by accident Mirrors of polished copper were crafted in Mesopotamia from 4000 BC, and in ancient Egypt from around 3000 BC. In China, bronze mirrors were manufactured from around 2000 BC. Metal-coated glass mirrors are said to have been invented in Sidon (modern-day Lebanon) in the first century AD, and glass mirrors backed with gold leaf are mentioned by the Roman author Pliny in his Natural History, written in about 77 AD. The Romans also developed a technique for creating crude mirrors by coating blown glass with molten lead. (research from The history of mirrors dates back to ancient times when mankind first saw reflections in a pond or river and considered it magic. Polished stone or metal was used in the first early man-made mirrors. Later glass was used in combination with metals like tin, mercury, and lead to create mirrors.

When rice is polished what is used to polish it?

rice is polished to be clean

For what do you need polished buttons?

polished buttons are simply used for animal magnetism quest.

Why was Mercury used for mirrors?

Mercury WAS used for mirrors- it provided a bright reflection that did not tarnish.