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Sadly, it is not likely... Considering the anime ended in 2008. :( But you can always sign a petition to try and bring a second season to the creator's attention.

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2012-10-09 01:56:39
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Q: Will there be a earl and fairy season 2?
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Is there Earl and Fairy Season 2?

Actually there is you can watch it on that site of anime :)

How many episode are ther of Earl and Fairy in season 1?

I think earl and fairy have 12 episode.

Will Edgar and Lydia kiss from Earl and Fairy?

not yet but maybe in season 2 they will. But I think in the manga they will (I just saw it at fanpop)

Earl and fairy season 2?

sadly no. there is no season 2,but u can watch other animes like kaichou maid sama and special a and oran high school club!

Is there going to be a second season for earl and fairy?

no one coz there is nothing such like this!

Will Earl and Fairy have a second season?

It's doubtful. The series ended in 2008, and as far as I know there have been no rumors about a second season.

Will there be a fairy tail season 2?


Is earl and the fairy in English dubbed?

No, the Earl and the Fairy is not English Dubbed. It is believed that it won't be (for a long time, at least).

How many episode does earl and fairy have?

12 episodes. And there sadly is very, very little possibility of there be a second season (Considering the First and only season ends at 12 episodes)...

What is the second season to Hakushaku to Yousei or Earl and Fairy called?

Sorry to say this, but there is no second season for Hakushaku to Yosei. Sorry to say this, but there is nosecond season for Hakushaku to Yosei. Sorry to say this, but there is no second season for Hakushaku to Yosei.

Where can you download fairy tail season 2 for free?

you cant

When is Fairy Tail season 2 episode 75 coming out?

Episode 75 of the second season of Fairy Tail aired on September the 12th, 2015.

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