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The ginger is Bloom. She is the main protagonist of the series. The blonde is Stella, who has a thing for fashion. The light brown with golden brown highlights coloured hair is Flora, who is the fairy of Nature. The black haired one is Musa, she is the Fairy of Music. The pink haired one is Tecna, she is the Fairy of Technology. The dark-brown haired girl is Layla. She is introduced in season 2, and happens to be the Fairy of Fluid. The pink hair with yellow highlights girl is Roxy. She is introduced in season 4 and is the Fairy of Animals. The last one is blue-haired Krystal, she is the Fairy of Water and is introduced in season 5, which comes out in 2011.

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Bloom, Stella, Musa, Layla, and Roxy are princesses in Winx Club

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Q: What is the winx club girls names?
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sky,lev,trent , love rox

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they get all together charmix but when they all ready get charmix professor said the charmix is lock but 3 girls are get first enchantix in winx club this girls are tecna layla and flora then musa stella and bloom

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Last names are not mentioned in the Winx Club, so he doesn't really have one. I feel that the last names are not mentioned because it allows the watcher to make the show a little more personal.

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winx club online is similar to sparkcityworld (a virtual game that you can shop dress up your person etc.) the top player on sparkcityworld is PINKYPRINCESS11 she is the best player .she dresses so pretty she has 7123683 star coins.I love her so much FROM: Stella-winx club Bloom-winx club flora-winx club Techna-winx club layla-winx club Musa-winx club roxy-winx club yuki-sparkcityworld