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will some one please tell me if canis canem edit (bully) is on Andy other systems apart from wii, ps2 and xbox.

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this is the link for ps2

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there should be canis canem edit on ps3

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Q: Will there be a canis canem edit on PS3?
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Is there a ps2 game called canis canem edit?

Canis canem edit is on ps2 but it originally was called Bully. I have no idea why they called it Canis Canem Edit

Can you play grottos and gremlins on canis canem edit?

Though you can collect the cards, it is not possible to play it on canis canem edit, sorry.

How do you get a jetpack on canis canem edit?

You don't!

When do you smoke on canis canem edit?

you can't

How many missions are there in canis canem edit?

There are 5 main missions in canis canem edit but there is an extra chapter called endless summer to finish missions u didn't do

What are the action replay codes for canis canem edit?


How do you change person on canis canem edit the game?

You cant.

What year is Canis Canem Edit or Bully set?


'dog eat dog' in Latin?

Canis canem edit.

Canis canem edit is jimmy Hopkins real?

In real life no.

How many missions are there in canis canem edit ps2?

80 i did them all.

Why is Canis Canem edit rated 15?

Because it contains swearing and violence.