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I think no... You can´t edit superstar threads in svr2011 ps2

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Q: Can you edit superstar threads in svr11 on ps2?
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Will svr 2011 on ps2 have attires edit?

NO,Superstar Threads is only for Ps3 and Xbox 360

How do you get superstar threads on svr 2011 on ps2?

im sorry to say this but you don't get superstar threads on the ps2.

Is superstar threads on ps2?


How do you get on superstar threads in svr 2011 for ps2?

At the Main Menu go to Create Mode and then Create a superstar then start creating.

Is svr 2011 superstar threads for ps2?

no but there is going to be a game called smacdown vs. raw 2011 updated edition that has superstar threads for all systems

What are the features for smackdown vs raw 2010 for ps2?

Superstar Threads Will be on The ps2

Is svr 2010 superstar threads for ps2?

yes. i have it it has it. you got to hack into the game and put superstar threads in the game

Can you do superstar threads on smackdown vs raw 201 on ps2?

no. only on ps3.

Is there superstar threads on ps2 for 2010?

I think so, but I'm not entirely sure.

Is Svr 2011 match creation for PS2?

Yeah it should be and they also might put superstar threads for ps2

Is WWE smackdown vs raw 2010 create new superstar threads for ps2?

No it is not they didn't include it on ps2

How do you get to superstar threads on smackdown vs raw 2010 for playstation 2?

The PS2 Version Of SVR 2010 Doesn't Have The Superstar Threads. It's Only On PS3 And 360.