Will Ryan kiss kelsi in hsm4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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high school musical 4 hasn't even come out yet u idiot!

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Q: Will Ryan kiss kelsi in hsm4?
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Will Ryan date kelsi in hsm3?


Does Ryan like kelsi?

Heck no!! There just friends.

Is sharpay going to be in HSM4?

yes,she is but their is a slight chance that troy,Gabriella,Ryan,chad,and Taylor might or not be in hsm4,but sharpay is going to be the drama assisant when ms.darbus is out

What are they counting in the HSM2 What is What Edition?

They are counting how many different hats Kelsi and Ryan wear in the movie. It was a tie!!

Who is Kelsi Turner dating?

Kelsi Turner Taylor☻ is going out with Joseph Taylor...Kelsi has never known what love was until she met Joseph. They have been going out sense September 17,2008. They really love each other very much && never want to loose each other. Joseph and Kelsi has had some hard times but is now better!!

What happens in hsm4?

If you are referring to the High School Musical series, there will not be HSM4.

What is the birth name of Kelsi Osborn?

Kelsi Osborn's birth name is Kelsi Marie Osborn.

Will Kenny ortega direct hsm4?

Yes ! Kenny Ortega gonna be director of hsm4! and zac vanessa Monique corbin Ashley lucas gonna be in hsm4 !

Will corbin bleu be in hsm4?

probly y wont he be in hsm4 not like he died in hsm3!!

Is there going to be a hsm5?

There is going to be a hsm4 I would imagine if hsm4 goes good there will be a hsm5

How do you write the name kelsi in Hebrew?

Kelsi = קלסי

How tall is Kelsi Herrick?

Kelsi Herrick is 5' 1".