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kaycee stroh

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Q: Which actress plays kelsi neilson
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What is kelsie's last name in high school musical?

Kelsi's last name is Neilson

Who plays taylor and kelsi in high school musical?

The girl who plays Kelsi is named Olesya Rulin.

What has the author Anthony Neilson written?

Anthony Neilson has written: 'Neilson Plays 1'

Is Olivia Neilson an actress?

probably, who knows

Who did Olesya Rulin play in High School Musical?

She played Kelsi Neilson. She was the pianist and composer for the first movie for the song "What I've been looking for".

Is the actress in rascal flats video take me there the same actress in Toby Keith's video god loves her and who is she?

Jillian Neilson

Who does Leslie Neilson play in Spy Hard?

Leslie Neilson plays Dick Steele, Agent WD-40.

Who plays Claire in His New Assistant?

Olivia Neilson

Who plays Roy Cropper in Coronation Street?

david neilson

What is the birth name of Kelsi Osborn?

Kelsi Osborn's birth name is Kelsi Marie Osborn.

How do you write the name kelsi in Hebrew?

Kelsi = קלסי

How tall is Kelsi Herrick?

Kelsi Herrick is 5' 1".