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In Silence..You hear the Sound of Silence. People who can hear voices or music is because they are very peaceful and their mind very still. You can hear the Sound of Silence if you meditate and still your mind. _____________ This may have nothing whatever to do with religion or the occult. Experiences like this can be quite natural, even if they appear to be similar to hallucinations. When they happen while falling asleep they are called 'hypnagogic', and when they happen while waking they are called 'hypnopompic'.

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Q: Why would you hear voices and or music right before falling asleep or just after waking?
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What does shnap mean?

It is the act of falling asleep on the toilet. A combination of the words sh*t and nap. As in the sentence," Every time I go out drinking the night before, I find myself waking up from a shnap at work."

What is the sign of a recovering addict relapsing?

asking for money,being broke , lots of time in the bathroom,falling asleep nodding off drooling on themself,waking up sick.hope this was helpful.

What happens to your heartbeat if you are asleep?

Compared to waking, it drops a bit.

What does the term 'pillow talk' mean?

Pillow talk refers to conversation between a couple in bed. It often occurs before falling asleep, after waking up, and after sexual relations. It often has to do with important topics such as relational issues, decision making, and growing in emotional intimacy between partners.

When your asleep how does your body wake up?

By noise or somebody waking you up.

Can you give the meaning of arouses?

the meaning of arouses is waking up from asleep

What is something pictured in your mind called?

You can call it a mental image if you are awake, or a dream if you are asleep. If you get this kind of vivid picture while you are in the process of waking or falling asleep, you might call it a hypnopompic or hypnagogic hallucination. Otherwise, it could be called an hallucination if it is connected with some pathological or drug related cause.

Were any Everly Brothers songs ever banned anywhere?

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What to do when can't fall asleep?

Don't worry about falling asleep when you can't fall asleep. Just keep calm. You can try some warm milk. Keep the lights low to signal to your brain that it's time for sleep. You can try reading a little, but don't read anything too stimulating. Some people fall asleep to a tv, but that only works if the show you're watching is boring to you, not too stimulating. I've heard that using the computer isn't great for falling asleep due to the light and mental activity. I think the best advice is to stop worrying, just lie there and read or watch tv in a low light until you get sleepy and then close your eyes and before you know it you'll be waking up in the morning.

Is it possible to chose your dreams?

Not in any practical sense. Dreams are produced by the subconscious mind while the conscious (waking) mind rests in sleep. Choices and desires are functions of the conscious mind, which has only indirect influence on the subconscious. However, it is possible to focus or meditate on a particular subject before falling asleep, which will increase the chances of dreaming about that subject.

What does it mean if you dream about a random guy in your class then start falling for them in real life?

The dream suggests that the dreamer was attracted to the guy before she realized it with her conscious, waking mind.

How do you dream about Micheal Jackson?

Dreams cannot be ordered up at will. They are produced by your subconscious mind, which is not particularly concerned with the desires of your conscious (waking) mind. However, you might be able to encourage the dream you want by listening to Michael Jackson's music, reading about him and looking at his photos before falling asleep. Even if that succeeds, you cannot control type of dream you have or what might happen in that dream.