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The Same thing is happening to me. I went to the pre-made sims box and it has the sims the the creators made and the ones that i downloaded but i cant see them D: it that whats happening to you?

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Q: Why won't my custom content on the sims 3 show up?
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Why wont your custom content show in body shop for the sims 2?

The only reason your custom content does not show in body shop, it is because you have downloaded from the Internet . You must find your games body shop and create parts there. [p. s. It has happened to me also..]

I have downloaded objects for the sims 2 and their in the downloads file under sims 2 in the EA games folder but they wont show up in the game ive also enabled the custom content to show HELP?

Real Sims 2 custom content must be installed. as an add in to the game. when you download the file the icon should be a dark blue circle with a light blue person inside it. You must execute this file just like an installation file to add the content into the game.

Why wont The Sims 3 ambitions load create a sim?

Your computer may not be compatible with the game, you many have to many other applications open and running in the background, or your game is to bogged up with Custom Content to load properly.

Why wont my cusom content download onto my mac from the sims resource for sims 4?

You'll need to ask the seperate creators of the clothes/mods you're downloading.

Do photos show up on Verizon cell phone bills?

If you're talking about MMS - the number will show - but the content wont.

Can you get pregnant on Free Realms?

no you can fake a pregnancy..but you wont show but that would be so cool! like a sims online... :) lol

My cheat bar on sims 2 doesnt show up anymore what should i do?

crl-shift-c IT STILL WONT WORK!

What to do if your voice wont show when recording a Sims 3 video?

Go to Options, click video capture and enable capture sound.

Can they have baby on the sims2pets?

No you cant have a baby on this game because the Sims 2 Pets is raded E and wont show sims having a baby. Its pretty dumb because the dogs and cats can have babies.

Can you have the Sims 3 and the Sims 2?

Yes, but you wont have the same characters and neighbourhoods.

Can your Sim eat the phone in The Sims life story?

no.. your sims wont eat your phone... there is no way it will happen

Why wont sims 2 pets install on your PC?

You can only play sims 2 pets on PC if you have the Sims 2 core game.