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If I'm not mystaken the manga isn't completed yet. It might not continue it until it's done. Hopefully it will continue!! I think there's still hope. I haven't watched Vampire Knight, but I heard that the anime got messed up beacause the manga wasn't finished.

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The manga is still ongoing so there's a chance. :D Nothing has been decided yet though.

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It already has

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Q: Why will Skip Beat anime not continue?
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The anime only goes so far and there has yet to be a second series. Read the manga if you want to continue it.

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No, the Skip Beat anime has not been licensed for English language distribution. However it only finished airing in March 2009, so this should not be taken as an indicator that it will not happen -- give it some time. :) 3/6/2010 its been a year since it finished airing but still give it some time... ;D

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