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Movies are sometimes different from the book.

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Q: Why was the movie because of winndixie different then the book?
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Why do movie based book are different form the books?

because script is different then a book

Is the book Matilda any different to the movie?

yes because the book is what the movie was supposed to be but when they sent it to the editor they took out a lot of stuff from the book.

Why is Percy Jackson the movie different from the book?

Because some directors are idiots who want to make people mad by changing the storyline.

What is the difference between the book The Cay and the movie?

the different is that the book is not good and the movie is better.

How is the novel Narnia different from the movie Narnia?

yes, the movie is different than the book.

How are the hunger games book and movie different?

Surprisingly, there is not much difference between the book and movie

What are some of the differences between the book and the movie version of James and the Giant Peach?

Well The book has different characters because it has A Non Mechanical Shark

In the book 'The Twilight Saga-New Moon' why is the book different than the first book-is this because it is written from the movie?

none of the books are written from the movies the movies are created from the books

Does the book 'The Odyssey' have a movie?

Yes it does except the story in the book might be a little bit different compared to the movie.

What was so different from the New Moon book and movie?

the book is more interesting.

Does the transformers 3 book tell the movie?

No books are always different to the movie

Is the book Gifted Hands the same as the movie?

the book gifted hands is the same as the movie except for a few parts are different