Why was gir bloody?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bloody GIR is a picture of GIR covered in blood (hence the name) that the producers snuck in, because Jhonen wanted a GIR covered in blood in an episode, but Nickelodeon prohibited this action. Since the image was already drawn, Jhonen decided to sneak in frames of bloody GIR in about every episode after the refusal. These scenes can only be seen in frame-by-frame viewing, otherwise it will be a flash.

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Q: Why was gir bloody?
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Why didn't Nickelodeon allow the creator of Invader Zim to show bloody GIR on the show?

Bloody Gir IS THE REASON Invader Zim was canceled. I have a file on my laptop that has pictures I took straight from the episodes with him in it.

In which scene was Gir supposed to be covered in blood?

go on youtube and watch all bloody gir locations and you shall see p.s. bloody gir is why the show was canceled because gay nick didn't want anything with blood in it and the creator of invader zim told nick it was pizza sauce on him but nick canceled it anyway so yeah........................... STUPID GAY NICKEdit: Actually, "Bloody Gir" was not the reason the show was canceled. In fact, Nickelodeon did not even find out about "Bloody Gir" being in the just about seven episodes of "Invader Zim" until the show was already off the air. The real reason the show was canceled was because the ratings were not quite up to par. The producers originally created the image of "Bloody Gir" in the hopes of using it in the episode, "GIR Goes all Crazy and Stuff," but when Nickelodeon refused, the producers started sneaking him tactfully into certain episodes. The images of "Bloody Gir" in the "Invader Zim" episodes can usually only be visible if one views it frame-by-frame. Otherwise, the opaque and/or oddly placed images would be lost in the coloring or the movement.Here is a link to a page that basically tells you what I've just told you, only in a better way and with more credibility:

Why is gir from invader zim not on anymore?

Nickelodeon cancelled Invader Zim in 2002 . Because in an episode Gir was bloody and Nickelodeon thought that was to vilont and kids thought it was scary. But Invader Zim is back on.

Is bloody gir really bloody?

Yes. Bloody GIR was conceived by the creator of Invador ZIM who wanted to use it in one of his episodes. GIR is drenched in blood with his eyes glowing red, which signals that he's in combat mode. Nickelodeon would not allow this to be used on the show, so the creator of the show secretly inserted it into a few episodes. It is almost impossible to notice, because it is only visible for one frame and is very faded. Once word of this started getting around, the Nickelodeon network decided to fire the creator of the show, resulting in no more new episodes of Invador ZIM. However, the few times the show plays today, Bloody GIR is still in those few episodes.

Was invader zim cancelled because of bloody gir?

The 'Bloody Gir' was a picture of GIR covered in blood that the producers of Invader ZIM snuck in , because Jhonen Vasquez wanted a GIR covered in blood in the episode "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff" . However , Nickelodeon (understandably) prohibited it , but the image had already been drawn . Jhonen Vasquez , color artist J. Bondy and alongside voice-artist Rosearik Rikki Simons(the voice of GIR) , on their own volition decided to sneak images of 'Bloody GIR' in just about , supposedly , every episode following the refusal . 'Bloody Gir' can be seen in the episodes "Bad , Bad Rubber Piggy" , "Hamstergeddon" , "Plague of Babies" and "Mortos der Soulstealer" .

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