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Because that is how they were born

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Q: Why is there no female saiyans?
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How many saiyans are there?

there are six saiyans in all

Who are some powerful saiyans?

All saiyans are pretty powerful

How are saiyans born?

same way as humans

Has vegeta got a mom?

Although Saiyans are never confirmed to have mothers in Dragon Ball Z, it is hinted at. In one episode Nappa mentions their 'parents', and female Saiyans have been shown on occasion. Also, the Saiyans' reproductive capabilities are pretty much identical to that of humans (as they are able to have children with humans), so Vegeta almost certainly has a mother, although she is never shown in the series.

Does uub become a super sayian?

Only Saiyans can become Super Saiyans. Uub is a human.

Can saiyans become super saiyan by using the dragonballs?

Well... Dragonballs can grant any wish so saiyans can ask the dragon to turn them to super saiyans so it is possible

How many saiyans live on earth?

Vegeta, Goku, Raditz and Nappa (Not including the Saiyans in the DBZ movies)

Has a human ever became a super saiyan?

No as only saiyans and half saiyans can turn super saiyans so the only way to become super saiyan is to have saaiyan blood and needs to be strong.

Are there any other lady saiyans rather than Fasha Pan and Bulla?

Maybe you're reffering to full-blood female saiyans.Yes,They are all dead.

Are super saiyans real?


Are their any female super saiyans?

No.In the main series, all living Saiyan-blooded males following the Frieza Saga manage to reach at least the first level of Super Saiyan. Akira Toriyama's reason for never having any female Super Saiyans was that neither Pan nor Bulla had the incentive to transform, and that he never drew female Super Saiyans because he couldn't figure out what they would look like. The Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files implies that Pan has the potential to transform and might have become a type of Super Saiyan never seen before.It is unknown if there were Super Saiyan females before Planet Vegeta was destroyed as Fasha is the only full-blooded female Saiyan seen in the series.

Is there a chance that saiyans could be real?

Yes they are