Why is there a new inuyasha series?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Why? Hmm. lets think about this for a minute.
Ever noticed in season 7 how naraku isn't dead, but in the manga he is? and Sesshomaru and InuYasha have all these other tricks that they can't do in the anime?
Also, probably that the directors were getting too much hate mail from fangirls when they weren't going to make another season.

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Q: Why is there a new inuyasha series?
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Inuyasha new episodes this year?

don't worry inuyasha the new series will be coming back in September 2009 in this series kagome and inuyasha will be married and have kids together and forget about stupid kikyo!!!:)cant wait!

Is there ever going to be a new series on inuyasha's daughter?

Inuyasha & Kagome dont actually have children; to my knowledge. So, no.

How many series of inuyasha are there?

There are two- 'InuYasha' and 'InuYasha the Final Act'.

How many inuyasha series are there?

2: Inuyasha and Inuyasha- The Final Act.

Will there be new episodes of inuyasha?

Yes. A new series called Inuyasha:The final act will be out soon.

What website does Inrush episode 168 English dubbed on?

There isn't going to be a Inuyasha episode 168. Instead they are going to make a new series of Inuyasha called Inuyasha Final Act.

Is season 7 of Inuyasha Inuyasha the final act and the end of the Inuyasha tv series?

yes, its placed in order thats why inuyasha blushes every time he is near to kagome becose he had in love with kagome in inuyasha series and in final act they got married and destroy naraku and sacred jewel

Who does Inuyasha marry when the series ends?

InuYasha marries Kagome

Will they make some new Inuyasha episodes ever again or has it ended completely?

Yes! Inuyasha: The Final Act came out in 2009 and wrapped up the series with 26 new episodes. All can be viewed at

When is the day the new inuyasha episodes come out?

The new Inuyasha series - Titled "Inuyasha the final act" began on October 4th 2009 and ended on March 30th 2010. It has not been dubbed in English yet but it is out in Japanese language with English subtitles.

How many episodes are in inuyasha?

The anime series Inuyasha has 167 episodes .

How many new episodes are there going to be for inuyasha?

none. the series ended a long time ago.