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That's a symbol for fire.. All Uchiha knows how to use Katon..

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Q: Why is the Uchiha symbol a round fan?
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Who is last survivor of Uchiha clan?

There is no "Last Survivor of the Uchiha Clan", but there are "Last Survivors of the Uchiha Clan" whom are Madara Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha. Although the "Last Survivor of the Uchiha Clan" is most likely to be Madara after Sasuke dies since Madara will live eternally, according to fan predictions. Madara,Sasuke and only Sasuke,but the other 2 are also revived by edo tensei

What is a nickname of the Uchiha clan?

Well the original uchiha (name I don't know) created all current forms of Sharingan and passed it down/taught it to his sons. he also made the fire style moves (fireball jutsu, phoenix flower, grand fire ball, etc) The Uchiha symbol is a fan that's red and white, this pertains to the fact that Uchiha's are natural fire users. During the Great Ninja Wars, the Uchiha and the Senju clans were both bitter rivals who were the perfect match for each other. Madara Uchiha, the leader of the Uchiha clan, took his brothers eyes so that he could become stronger and be able to better protect his clan. Eventually, the Senju clan took over and the 1st and 2nd Hokages were both from this clan. To keep the Uchiha clan in order, they let them be in charge of the Police Department and gave Madara a statue of himself. However, this all wasn't enough for Madara, and the Uchihas were treated very badly, so he let loose the Nine-Tailed-Fox, which we know was sealed into Naruto after his father, the 4th Hokage sacraficed his own life for the better of the village. Itachi Uchiha, became a spy for both the Uchiha and the Senju clans. When he had the order to kill his whole clan, he did so with the exception of his brother, instead telling Sasuke to hate him so he wouldn't have to lead the life he had.

What is Sasuke's brother's name?

Itachi Uchiha part of the Uchiha clan also a member of the akatsuki

What is sasuke's mom name?

Uchiha MikotoUchiha Mikoto

First and last names to all the characters in Naruto?

these are all i know-naruto uzumaki-kakashi hatake-Chouji Akimichi-Genma Shiranui-Yoroi Akadou-zabuza Momochi-sakura Haruno-Shikamaru nara-shino Aburame-kiba Inuzuka-kakashi hatake-hanabi Hyuuga-neji Hyuuga-hinata Hyuuga-Chouza Akimichi-Tsunade Godaime (this is just his hokage title not really her last name)-Itachi Uchiha-sasuke Uchiha-fugaku uchiha- Izuna uchiha-Madara uchiha-Uruchi uchiha-Teyaki uchiha-Tekka uchiha-Shisui uchiha-Shisui uchiha-obito uchiha-Kyuubi no Youkoi know more but i cant remember all of their last name

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What does itachi uchiha mean in japanese?

The name Itachi means weasel, and Uchiha is a round fan, I believe.

What does Uchiha mean in Japanese?

uchiha means 'uchiwa' in Japanese which means paper fan, and the symbol of the uchiha clan is a paper fan. uchiwa is used to fan fire to make it bigger ( oxygen helps fire grow) and the uchiha clans element is mainly fire.

What does Sasuke Uchia mean?

Sasuke was the name of a legendary ninja in japan, Uchiha is his clan's name and therefore his last name. The name uchiha also means paper fan and that is what the Uchiha clan symbol actually is.

What does Sasuke Uchiha mean?

Sasuke's name was taken from the famous ninja name 'Sarutobi Sasuke', his clan's name is a variation of 'uchiwa' which is a type of fan (their clan symbol is a picture of an uchiwa fan) their clan name relates to how a fan is used to feed a flame and how the Uchiha clan is famous for their fire jutsu. Sasuke means Ninja warrior but Uchiha means "kill." ^ Uchiha means 'kill'? Really, where did you get this from? (SlytherinSuzee)

Uchiha mean in English?

It's a type of manual fan thing. The emblem of the Uchiha is that fan.

What is Sasuke's clan name?

Sasuke Uchiha name tells is, its the Uchiha clan it's the one where the symbol looks like a thermometer.

What does Uchiha in Naruto mean?

Uchiha is an other way to spell "uchiwa" (団扇, fan), a fan that is usually used to make a fire more intense.

What does Uchiha mean in English?

In the series, "Uchiha" is meant to mean "fan", though the actual Japanese word for fan is "uchiwa". Interestingly, "uchiha" can also mean "moderate; private matter; family circle; the inside" or "conservative".

What is Sasuke sign?

his sign is his clans symbol, and he is of the Uchiha clan

What does Sasuke Uchaa mean in English?

You mean, Sasuke Uchiha? Loosely, "Fighting/Warrior Fan" Sasuke = Warrior. But in this case, "Fighting" makes more sense. Uchiha = for fanning flames, not like a ceiling fan.

What does Sasuke mean?

Uchiha which is Sasuke's last name, means paper fan. Sasuke was the name of a legendary ninja in Japan, he was called Sasuke Sarutobi. This is the inspiration Masashi Kishimoto got to make the character from. Sasuke's last name, Uchiha, deprives from the word uchiwa which means paper fan. The Uchiha clan are a clan of fire, meaning the fan which fans the fire.

What does itachi Uchiha mean?

Itachi in Japanese means weasel. Uchiha doesn't necessarily mean anything. But by switching the last kanji 'ha' to 'wa' you get Uchiwa which means 'fan'.