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It's rated 'R' for violence and language.

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Q: Why is speed the movie rated R?
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Is the movie this is Sparta rated pg13 or r?

The movie is rated R.

Why the movie Fame is rated R?

The movie "Fame" is rated R because of Nudity and Language!

What is the purge the movie rated?

I think that movie is rated r

What is the movie Animal House rated?

It was rated R (in the US).

What is the movie the mechanic rated?

It is rated R.

What is the movie Daybreakers rated?

R Rated

What is the movie Collateral rated?

its rated r

What is the movie Immortals rated?

Rated R

What is the movie crazies rated?

It is rated 'R'

What is the movie 'The Departed' rated?

rated R

What is the movie quaratine rated?

Rated R

Why is the movie Big Stan an R rated movie?

It is rated R for crude and sexual content, and language.