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Roger clearly committed Piggy's murder, and Simon's was a group effort. Ralph even admits to being part of the group. The only boy Jack had murderous intentions toward was Ralph, and he didn't even kill him.

Another answer: You could point out that the death of Simon was as the result of an attack by all of the boys who simply mistook him for the beast. Jack did not attack Simon by himself and he certainly didn't order anyone else to do it. You could also point out that Roger pushed against the lever, that caused the boulder to drop from the top of castle rock and knock Piggy from the causeway. Jack was nowhere near Roger and he didn't tell him to do it.

However you could also point out that Jack was indirectly responsible for both deaths. If Jack hadn't been so obsessed with being leader and hunting there would have been no feast on the beach. It was Jack who told the boys to 'do our dance' when the storm began to break. Because of Jack the boys were over excited and already involved in a pig killing dance when Simon stumbled out of the jungle. Similarly if Jack hadn't left the main group to form his own tribe, based at castle rock, none of the boys would have been there. Jack had placed Roger on guard and in control of the boulder. After Piggy was killed Jack actually claimed responsibility by say "I mean't that!" Jack had shown by his own actions that he wasn't concerned about rules or about using violence. His very manner of leadership had given encouragement to Roger's disturbed sadistic inclinations.

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Jack is not guilty for piggy's death. The reason for this is that roger was the one in charged with the rock. Roger through the rock at piggy. Jack is also not guilty for simon's death. The reason for this is that it was dark and nobody couldn't see nothing but they could of seen something running tourers them. They thought it was the beast so they attacked. They also build up so much fear that they weren't really thinking about the affects of there action.

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Q: Why is jack not guilty for piggy and Simons death in lord of the flies?
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What do Ralph and piggy excuse in lord of the flies?

Simons Murder.

Was Ralph and piggy involved in Simons murder true or false in The Lord if the flies?


In lord of the flies why do piggy samneric and Ralph lie about simons death?

Piggy, Samneric, and Ralph lie about Simon's death because they are afraid of taking responsibility for their part in the violent mob that killed him. They are overwhelmed by guilt and fear of being held accountable for their actions. Denying the truth allows them to distance themselves from the horrific event.

In lord of the flies how was the weather on the night Simon died?

The weather on the night Simon died in "Lord of the Flies" was stormy and chaotic, with strong winds and heavy rain. The storm added to the sense of darkness and confusion surrounding Simon's death.

What does Simons comment about Piggy helping to build the fire tell us about him in Lord of the Flies?

At page42, Simon commented on Piggy. "We used his specs, he helped that way." shows that Simon see the best out of people.

Lord of the flies what was the symbolism of piggy's death?

It means de death of all that is modern and rational on the island.

What does piggy's death represent?

Piggy's death in "Lord of the Flies" represents the destruction of reason, intelligence, and civilization on the island. It highlights how the boys' descent into savagery ultimately leads to the loss of order and morality. Piggy's death symbolizes the triumph of brutality and the failure of rationality in the face of chaos.

What is the date piggy died on lord of the flies?

Piggy dies on the same day as Simon, in chapter 11 of "Lord of the Flies". The date is not explicitly mentioned in the text.

Why is piggy's death important in Lord of the flies?

because they need rescued and when piggy was there he made an effort to the make fire. and he help to Ralph for rescued and he was for Ralph mate.

What two boys die in chapter 13?

In Lord of the Flies, Piggy and Simon are tragically killed. Simon is stabbed to death by the boys and Piggy is sadly hit by a massive rock:(

How is piggy killed and whose responsibility is it Lord Of the flies?

Piggy is killed when Roger pushes a large rock off a cliff, hitting him and causing him to fall to his death. The responsibility for Piggy's death ultimately lies with Jack, as he has cultivated a savage and violent environment on the island that leads to such tragic consequences.

How does Ralph behave when he learns what people called Piggy at home on Lord of the flies?

Ralph feels guilty and uneasy when he learns about how Piggy was called "Piggy" by the other boys at home. He is compassionate and tries to defend Piggy from further ridicule or harm by insisting on using his real name. Ralph recognizes the importance of treating Piggy with respect and understanding.