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harry's dad's last name is styles, but his parents got divorced and harry's mom married a man with the last name milward. hence harry's full name...harold edward milward styles.

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Q: Why is harry styles dads last name milward and not styles?
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What is harry from ome direction's last name?

It's One Direction, and his name is Harry Styles. It's not Harry Milward, I believe Milward is his stepfather's last name.

What is the last name of Harry from one direction?

His full name is Harry Edward Milward Styles.

What is harry styles dads last names?

His dads last name is Styles like Harry. Harry never took his step dads last name... Yet.

What is harrys last name one direction?

His real name is Harry Milward, but he is known professionally as Harry Styles.

What is harry styles step dads last name?

His last name is Twist. Robin Twist.

Why is harry styles last name not milward?

I don't know maybe cause he like styles better or cause his father left him when he was 6 years old?

What is Harry Styles' sister name?

Her name is Gemma Anne Styles people put Gemma Milward because of their step dad but their step dad's last name is not Milward it's Twist ! You people should know his last name is Twist if you are Directioners oh and btw Styles Is from their real dad. :)

Why did harry styles change his last name?

His real surname is MIlward but...his stage name, as everybody knows it is of yh. Its just his stage name. -------This is actually wrong. Harry's mom either had a divorce or her husband died, I think she got a divorce. So, she remarried and changed her last name to Milward, while Harry decided to keep his last name the same

What is harrys last name from onedirection?

Styles! but apparently it's Milward:|

Why did Harry Milward make up the stage name Harry Styles?

IT IS NOT A STAGE NAME! Let me explain..Harry's mother married a man with the last name Styles. (Harry's dad- the parents split up when Styles was 7) Anne kept her maiden name which was Cox.Edward was always Harry's middle name.Later on, Anne met a man with the last name Milward.They got married and it became part of Harry's name too.Get it? It's not a stage name.

What is Harry Styles last name?


What last name harry in the one direction?

Styles...=Harry Styles

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